Hanoi Art Tour- Meeting famous local artists

Pham luc artist with the Canada embassador, an art collector

Former Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam with Pham Luc artist at his studio in Nghi Tam - Hanoi


Detailed Itinerary:

Driver and tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi and Depart for Hanoi Art Tours (Half day), first will stop over at the Museum of National Fine Arts. It has received many high ranking delegations of different countries, the Museum has sent many traveling thematic exhibitions to other nations to introduce to international friends the typical culture, heroic history of Vietnam. At the same time, it has linked local people with painting, photograph, and sculpture collections of international artists. The Museum has created chances for local art lovers to enjoy and learn about different fine arts school and tendencies of the world.

Next stop will be at the home/ studio of the famous artist Pham Luc, Pham Luc was born in central part of Vietnam in 1943 and had served as army artist in over 30 years during the Vietnam war. Pham luc art works are outstanding with his master skill, he is famous with " Rice Sack Painting". Pham luc art works has participated in many art exhibitions in Vietnam and foreign countries such as Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Poland, Czech and so far in the USA. His paintings have been collected by the Vietnam’s fine art museum and many foreign people, He is specializing in motherland, love and war subjects ( Pham Luc is the first and only artist in Vietnam who has his own collector club, some over 200 local vietnamese art collectors have been collecting his art works till date).

Continue to visit some of the most popular
 art galleries in town such as: Viet Fine arts, Green Palm (or Apricot or Thang Long) or meet with some local Hanoian art collectors and enjoy their private art collection.

Tour ends at 12.00 (Noon) and transfer back your hotel. (or you also can request to drop off at any fine local restaurant in town)

Note: Hanoi art tours can be arranged as following schedules:
+ 08.30 Am to 12.00 (Noon)
+ 13.30 Pm to 17.00 PM

TOUR PRICES (Half day):  95 usd/ Per person/ Group of 2 People Travel Together


Private air-conditioned Vehicle
Flexible sightseeing schedules
English Speaking Tour Guide
Relevant permits and fees


Food & Drinks
Personal expenses


+ Appoinment with local artists take some couple of hours before departure (for last minutes booking)
Please click here to read a story of Mrs Roma (USA) with Hanoi art tour
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Contact for booking Hanoi Art Tour:

Email: vietnamarts.vn@gmail.com
Cell phone/ Whatsapp: 0913323977 (Mr Pham)

Some pictures of Hanoi art tour: 


John Kerry visited Pham Luc artist home

John Kerry visited Pham Luc artist home in Jan 2017.

Pham Luc is a Vietnam veteran, served for north army over 30 years and John Kerry was in US  navy in South Vietnam during war years 60.

Now to visit Hanoi and collected Pham Luc art works, a happy ending 

Meet with Pham Luc artist, a very well-known man and if you lucky, he will make a portrait of you in just 20minutes (and FREE)

Pham luc artist with Mrs Roma, an art collector

Read more with Mrs Roma story at Pham Luc home
Many friends of Mrs Roma come with our Hanoi art tours to meet and collect Pham Luc art works over the years


Some professional art collectors from England (one of them is the director of a fine arts museum in UK) who took Hanoi art tours with Vietnam pathfinder  to visit Pham Luc art studio and also collect his art works

Pham Luc Artist and his collector

The two art collectors who had met local famous Pham Luc artist at his studio in our Hanoi art tours

Pham Luc Artist and his art work

Pham Luc art work  

Pham Luc Artist and his rice sack painting

Pham Luc Art Work on the Rice Sack (painted during war years)
The wounded soldier was carried by his two comrades in battle field (some where in Quang Tri battle where Pham Luc artist was sent to)

Hanoi art gallery

Visit local art and antique gallery, a special part of Hanoi art tours

Phai art work

An art work of Master artist Bui Xuan Phai with Hanoi Old Quarter

National fine art museum in Hanoi
Visit the National fine art museum, a highlight site in our Hanoi art tours 

The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi. The Museum draws a large number of national and international visitors not only by quality of the collections, but also by the artistic architecture of the historic building.

The Museum’s building was constructed during the French colonial period. It was originally a boarding school for daughters of French officials.

In 1962, the Vietnamese Government ordered the Ministry of Culture to transform this building into a place to collect, exhibit and preserve the precious and special works of art of Vietnam from the prehistoric time until present days. The building was renovated and Vietnamese architectural elements were added, making it a building suitable for an art museum.

In 1966, the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum officially opened to the public. The entire area of the museum is 4,737m2 of which the exhibition space is around 3,000m2

An art work of Tran Van Can artist at the National fine art museum in Hanoi

An art work of Tran Van Can artist at the National fine art museum in Hanoi



An art work of Bui Xuan Phai artist at the National fine art museum in Hanoi

An art work of Bui Xuan Phai artist at the National fine art museum in Hanoi

Vietnam Fine Arts from 20th century up to now

Fine Arts from 1925 to 1945

A new era in Vietnam's fine arts history started with the establishment of the Indochina Fine Arts College. Many painters and sculptors appeared in this period with their forte in different media and themes. Painting on silk, oil painting on canvas, printmaking and lacquer painting developed during this period. Genre paintings and portraits, in a naturalistic, yet lyrical style, romanticized rural life, the new pleasures of the city, and the beauty of women, while documenting both nuance and detail of a life soon to be eclipsed by the struggle for independence. The two major creative tendencies of romanticism and realism shaped the later development of modernism in Vietnamese art.

Fine Arts from 1945 to 1954

Created during nine years of resistance war against the French colonialists, a collection of sketches demonstrates a reorientation in artistic priorities and concepts. The fine arts of this period reflect the nation's struggle. Artists of the day abandoned the previous, romantic style to create vigorous, optimistic revolutionary works.  A resistance revolution art was formed and developed which has continued to the present.


Fine Arts  from 1954 up to now

The paintings of this period are exhibited according to the media: lacquer, silk, oil and sculpture.

The lacquer collection, including hundreds of paintings, represents different periods and several generations of artists who contributed to develop new techniques and styles of an art both ancient and modern. This is one of the collections most treasured by the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

The silk paintings collection of the Museum represent an art that is distinctively Vietnamese. It has a subtle, minimalist, yet profound expression that particularly characterizes the  Eastern aesthetic.

The Museum's collection of oil paintings introduces artworks created after 1954. The works express pervasive emotions of the Vietnamese people during the American war, the aftermath and the building of a new life. Works produced in the 1980s have a new symbolic vocabulary of color and composition, using bright and expressive color. The artworks of the 1990s reveal an explosion of trends in modern art: realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract art, surrealism and other styles.

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